Chicagoland Murder Mystery Dinners Since 1970

Amundson Murder Mysteries has been providing fun-filled Murder in the Mansion Mystery Dinners to Chicago and Chicago suburbs since 1970. We have perfected the art of Whodunnit mysteries. Our Murder Mystery Dinners offer you a new identity, with a detailed profile, and the chance to witness a murder right before your very eyes. Mingle throughout the cocktail hour, and enjoy dinner with your family and friends, as well as other witnesses and suspects, as you try to solve the case!

Private Parties

Plan an Unforgettable Private Party!

The Murder Mystery Dinner is perfect for every occasion. Let us assist you in planning a fabulous luncheon, unforgettable corporate party, or any other type of party event. Amundson Murder Mysteries are perfect for bachelorette parties, holiday parties, birthday parties, and more. With a variety of venues and mystery types you can have fun time and again. If you have a venue in mind, let us help you make it a reality. Are you looking for the ultimate experience? Let the mystery span the entire night with our Overnight Murder Mystery.

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Public Events

Murder Mystery Dinners for small groups!

You don't have to plan a party to join in the fun. Our Public Events accommodate a variety of group sizes, from couples to small groups. We'll arrange a fun-filled evening for you with the best witnesses and suspects around. Meet new people as you collect clues and try to solve the murder case. Watch carefully because you never know if the murderer is sitting beside you.

Our Murder Mystery Dinners are perfect for celebrating small birthday groups. Are you celebrating an anniversary? Create unforgettable memories, and show off your teamwork as you collaborate to solve the case. Amundson Mystery Dinners are perfect for all special occasions or simply a Saturday night out.

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