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Mardi Gras Murder Mystery Fat Tuesday, March 5, 2019 8pm Central my Suite (This is a closed party. It will not be posted))

This is an intellectual Game. In the Mystery you will be a Suspect or a Witness
Here is the Opening Story and the Rules of Play

Murder at the Mardi Gras Party™
The Case of Lance and Arika Drake
The Drakes were known for their elaborate Mardi Gras Parties. Everybody that was anybody even his or her enemies looked for an invitation to this event.
Lance Drake was Chairman of the Board of Drake Enterprises. Drake was a Business Man. He was involved with any profitable business that came in his direction, either legal or illegal. Arika Ellsworth-Drake was filthy rich with pedigrees on both sides. Arika was the head of many influential charities and a snob.

The plot thickens during the Drake’s Mardi Gras Party when Lance and Arika Drake were shot to death with a .45 caliber revolver with silencer, in the library of the Drake Mansion. Arika’s personal secretary Natalie found the bodies and called the police. The murderer or murderess tried to make it look like Arika killed her husband Lance, wrote a suicide note “Till death do us part” on the mirror with her red lipstick and then took her own life. But in fact, Lance & Arika’s deaths were a double homicide. Clues at the Scene of the Crime… a clock that was broken on the floor showing 9:15. Behind the sofa there was a bracelet with a ballet slipper charm. Lance’s contact lenses were on the floor, and a lace handkerchief with the initial “D” was found. On Lance’s personal computer there was a memo to Natalie about a trip to Europe. It was planned for the following week. We are gathered here today to witness the reading of Lance and Arika Drake’s Last Will and Testament. It was Drake’s wish that his death be a Party celebration for the reading of his last will. Their children Paige and Brice Drake have survived Lance and Arika Drake.
Copyright  1980, 2019 by Dawn Amundson All Rights Reserved

Rules of Play

Remember to keep your eyes and ears open. We are sure that another homicide will occur and you as a guest must determine who is behind these dastardly deeds.
How to find the Murderer or Murderess You now have an opportunity to unravel this mystery. Throughout this event clues will turn up. In addition, you should also uncover other clues by questioning the suspects and witnesses. Watch and listen carefully you need to pay attention to the action sequences. Be sure to question as many suspects and witnesses as you can. TAKE NOTES! Putting the clues together and looking for the person that has the best motive should give you the answers that you will need to solve this mystery.

Object of the Game: Is to deduce which of the Suspects is the Murderer/Murderess. You are looking for one Suspect that is the murderer / murderess. Each suspect has a character sketch and two clues. You must question all of the Suspects. Witnesses have a character sketch and additional information regarding this mystery case.
Questions to ask Suspects and Witnesses

1. Who are you? What do you do? Who do you like or dislike?

2. What was your relationship to the deceased?

3. Do you know anyone that had anything against the deceased?

4. Do you know anyone that is being blackmailed?

5. Do you have any information on someone who is having an affair?

6. Do you have any information about the day of the murder?

7. Where were you when the murder occurred? What is your alibi?

List of Suspects
(The Case of Lance and Arika Drake)

Suspects: One of these Suspects is responsible for the Double Homicides of Lance and Arika Drake or any other murders that may occur. Please take notes as you question all characters.

1. Brice Drake – Lance and Arika’s son and Profession Student at S.A.U.


2. Cary Drake-Lance Drake’s brother and Vice President of Drake

3. Devon Drake – Cary Drake’s wife and organizer of Charities.


4. Paige Drake – Lance and Arika’s daughter and executive at Drake Enterprises.

5. Nigel Knightly – The Butler at the Drake Mansion.


6. Victoria Knightly – Prima Ballerina and Nigel and Emma Knightly’s daughter.

7. Gerald Lawrence – An Executive at Drake Enterprises.


8. Natalie Whitney – Arika Drake’s personal secretary.

Copyright  1980, 2019 by Dawn Amundson All Rights Reserved

Your New Identity
If it’s possible. Please aka after your VW Name with the Name of your New Identity



You are Lance and Arika’s son. You’re a professional student at SAU (Saint Abnormal University). You chose this school because there is a three to one ratio of girls to guys. You crammed four years of college into six. You haven’t missed spring break in Ft. Lauderdale yet. At the moment, you are in the process of earning a Master’s Degree in Philosophy (It should only take eight years for this one). Your favorite activity is “going to the library to scope out the freshman girls”. Your motto with girls is “Quantity not Quality”. The same girl never stays at your apartment more than one night. Your black book looks like the yellow pages. Next to that, you like to cruise the campus in your black Van rescuing stray dogs, with the stereo playing concert music. (You once heard an Animal Physiatrist on Oprah’s show say, “Concert music soothes the savage beast”.) You want to join the Peace Corps. You’re a Vegetarian, Atheist and an Animal Activist.

When you were a little boy, your father flushed Peter the Parakeet down the toilet after it died. You never forgave your father for not giving Peter the Parakeet a proper burial. Once, as a joke, your father fed you ground up venison meat, telling you it was eggplant. (Every November your father goes “Bambi Blasting”) Your father told you “Stop all this Peace Corps business and get a real job working for the family business”. For more fun and excitement, you moonlight as a male exotic dancer. Your best routines are “Masked Maniac”, “The Lone Ranger”, “Zorro The Z Man”, “New Orleans Blues Dancer” and “Lieutenant Swine-Police Officer”. You love to wear a mask and black boots.
A Cheerleader at SAU has hit you with a paternity suit. You asked your father for the money. He told you to forget it. You are in love with Victoria Knightly. Victoria and you are card-carrying members of the A.P.P. “Anxious Peoples Mardi Gras Party”, a well-known underground political group that brings in Refugees from all over the world. Victoria’s father (Nigel) and you were at an A.P.P. meeting until 5:00 PM on the day of the Mardi Gras Party. Then you came home to the mansion, got dressed for the Mardi Gras Party. Your father had a meeting with the people that live in the Mansion announcing that he was changing his Will and the Mardi Gras Party started by 8:00 PM. The police broke up the Mardi Gras Party at midnight. They questioned you and then you went to bed.

You are soo depressed over this paternity suit that you smoke cigars and you’re having an affair with the “Strongleggs Sisters”. These girls think that a quarterback is…a 25-cent refund


1. You’re glad that your mother and father are dead. Now you can marry Victoria Knightly.

2. Victoria’s father, Nigel, was at the Mardi Gras Party on the night of the double homicides. You saw him leaving the Library of the Mansion and acting very suspicious.

Author: Dawn Amundson

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