Murder Mystery Party Information

Enter a world…

in which you become a detective, and the success of solving a murder case depends on you. From the moment you enter you will be given a new name, a new identity, and clues to help you solve the case. You’ll receive everything you need to assist in catching the culprit.

As you work to solve the case you will enjoy the cocktail hour and a delicious dinner, including dessert. Public Murder Mystery Dinners include a great group of people, so make sure to interrogate them. (Oops, I mean mingle). To solve the case you will need to collect clues from as many witnesses and suspects as possible. Make sure to be alert since the suspects will be all around you and a murder can happen at any time!

We feature the traditional Murder in the Mansion as well as the Murder Mystery Train, Murder Mystery Boat Cruise, and for the ultimate experience, let the mystery span the entire night with our Overnight Murder Mystery. With a variety of venues and mystery types, you can have fun again and again.

Amundson Murder Mysteries has been providing fun-filled Murder in the Mansion Mystery Dinners to Chicago and Chicago suburbs since 1970. Every facet of the mystery is planned down to the finest detail making it easy for you to get lost in the myster, and have a fun-filled event.

You will solve the case in no time if you follow these tips to being a good detective:

Get in character!
Dress like your favorite detective or imitate the exact identity you’ve been assigned.

Come prepared!
If you really want to solve the case you’ll need a way to keep track of all your clues. Be sure to bring a pad of paper and something to write with.

Great minds think alike!
Make sure to bring your friends and family so you can combine clues and brainstorm together.

Don’t give it away!
Remember to act natural around all Suspects and Witnesses.

Final tips!
Never go up to a crime scene (it could incriminate you!) Everyone is innocent until proven guilty, so be kind and appropriate when interacting with suspects. Lastly, always… go with your gut feeling on WhoDunnit.