Chicago Murder Mystery Public Parties

Our Murder Mystery Dinner is perfect for everyone

You don’t need to have an occasion to help solve the case. Our Public Events are perfect for a Saturday night out with your spouse and ladies or guys night out. Don’t go to the same restaurant or neighborhood hangout you always do. Our Murder Mystery Dinner is sure to liven up your night out.

Chicago Murder Mystery Dinner

Celebrate with a Murder Mystery Dinner

If you are celebrating something special with a small group, such as an anniversary or birthday, we would be delighted to help you host the occasion. Our Public Events are perfect for special evening or day events, and there is no group too small. We’ll match your group with other smaller parties to create a slew of elite detectives.

Chicago Murder Mystery Party

When you arrive you will leave your former identity behind and be given a new name and profile, complete with clues and details about other characters you know and what you have witnessed. Every role is key to the case. Arrive early to prepare and get into character. Our Murder Mystery plots are carefully designed to get everyone involved, so be sure to mingle with everyone in order to collect the most clues.

Murder Mystery Costume Party Chicago

We have other Murdery Mystery Events…

In addition to our traditional Murder in the Mansion dinner, we also offer the Murder Mystery Train, Murder Mystery Cruises, and for an extended event, pack your slippers and check out our Overnight Murder Mystery. The fun never ends!

Murder Mystery Show Chicago


Murder Mystery Party Tickets


Tickets may be purchased by calling (773)267-6400


You may also email us at for more information.


Every Saturday at the Mystery Mansion 6 PM-9 PM year round. 2 or more guests at $80.00 per person


Everyday Murder on the Train 2:30 PM to 9:30 PM year round. Two or more at 175.00 per person. Private Parties of 30 or more.